Daniel Kenel
Dr. med. vet., is a dedicated veterinary surgeon and looks forward to give loving and species-appropriate care to your pets.
Sandra Limacher
Dr. med. vet., has worked part-time
as a veterinary surgeon at the practice for many years. She also stands in for Dr. Kenel when he cannot attend.
Rolf Fassbind
Veterinary nurse, has worked in Daniel Kenel’s team for many years.
Kiana Mahler
Trainee veterinary nurse.

Dr. med. vet. Daniel Kenel
Chollerstrasse 3
6300 Zug

Tel. 041 740 40 04
Fax 041 740 40 06

Opening hours/consultation hours

Mon 7.30 am–12 pm 2 pm–6 pm
Tue 7.30 am–12 pm 2 pm–6 pm
Wed 7.30 am–12 pm 2 pm–6 pm
Thu 7.30 am–12 pm Emergency service in the afternoon
Fri 7.30 am–12 pm 2 pm–6 pm
Sat 8–11 am Emergency service after that
Sun Emergency service

The consultation hours are not the same as the opening hours.
Please call us to make an appointment.

Emergency service
We offer an out-of-hours emergency service. In case of an emergency please call the practice at 041 740 40 04. You will then be told how you can contact a veterinary surgeon from our practice or another emergency vet.

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