Surgery hours
Please make an appointment. This will help avoid unnecessary waiting time. No appointment is required to purchase food, drugs or accessories.

Opening hours/consultation hours

Mon 7.30 am–12 pm 2 pm–6 pm
Tue 7.30 am–12 pm 2 pm–6 pm
Wed 7.30 am–12 pm 2 pm–6 pm
Thu 7.30 am–12 pm Emergency service in the afternoon
Fri 7.30 am–12 pm 2 pm–6 pm
Sat 8–11 am Emergency service after that
Sun Emergency service

The consultation hours are not the same as the opening hours.
Please call us to make an appointment.

Enquiries by phone
We will try to answer any phone enquiries as comprehensively as possible. My qualified staff will also be able to answer most of your questions.

Emergency service
We offer an out-of-hours emergency service. In case of an emergency please call the practice at 041 740 40 04. You will then be told how you can contact a veterinary surgeon from our practice or another emergency vet.

House calls
Of course we offer house calls. However, it is easier to examine a sick animal at the practice. Diagnostic measures such as X-rays and the taking of blood samples are also quite limited in your home. A surcharge applies to house calls.

If your pet was vaccinated by us, you will be reminded in writing of any follow-up vaccinations that might be necessary. However, we do recommend that you have your pet examined once a year. It can then be decided whether a vaccination is needed or not.

Hip and elbow dysplasia X-rays
We offer all diagnostic hip and elbow dysplasia X-rays as prescribed by the individual breeders’ associations.

Animals can also be hospitalised at our practice. This can be the best option for all involved, particularly after surgery and in cases of severe illness.

Surgeries are usually carried out in the mornings. For organisational reasons, a “surgical patient” should arrive at the practice before 8.15 am. The animal must have fasted for 12 hours previously. If your pet is a dog we would be grateful if you could stay with the patient until it is sedated, which should not take longer than 10 minutes. That way your dog will be less scared.

Animal nutrition, advice on feeding and deliveries
We stock a large range of pet food, including both normal and diet food. We are happy to advise you.
Orders of Sfr. 55.- or more can be delivered to your home free of charge. For orders that are picked up and paid directly we can offer a 5% discount.

We stock a select range of accessories such as dog leads, harnesses, brushes, muzzles and much more.

Animal placements
If you are looking for a cat, a dog or some other kind of pet, please feel free to contact us. Sometimes there is an animal at the practice or in one of our homes that is looking for a new home. We also have good relationships with various animal shelters.

When an animal dies
When the time has come to put your pet out of its misery, we can do this at the practice or in your home. You decide what happens with the animal afterwards, but we will attend to it. One possibility is to bring the animal to one of the pet crematoria recommended by us. In that case its ashes will either be buried in a communal grave on the grounds of the crematorium or they will give them back to you in a little bag or urn.
The other option is that our staff will bring the animal to the official disposal plant of Canton Zug.

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